The new Remington R51

remington r51

The classic gun company Remington is about to release their updated Model 51 pistol that dates back to the early 1900′s.  One unique feature that it has is a grip safety which means you have to have a proper grip to fire the pistol. This can be great if your R51 is around smaller children as they probably won’t be able to grip the pistol properly to make the grip safety engage.

The R51 is a sub-compact 9mm pistol that is hammer-fired and has a locked breech with a fixed barrel.

A common grip among some shooter is the ambidextrous mag release…or the lack of a ami mag release. The R51 will have one for left or right hand shooters.

It comes with two seven round magazines as well as the option to get a laserguard laser built in or a threaded barrel.

You should be able to buy a Remington R51 for under $400.



Another great priced 22lr rifle

Like the Mossberg 715T, the GSG 522 is a great shooting rifle with lots of available accessories.

The price of the GSG 522 is between $340-$400 depending on which version you get. There are 4 core versions and then a couple of those have a lightweight version that means the receiver is made out of polymer rather then metal. Learn more here

GSG 522 models

  • GSG 522 Carbine lightweight
  • GSG 522 Carbine
  • GSG 522 SD lightweight
  • GSG 522 SD
  • GSG PK
  • GSG P

gsg-522-PK-Version---150 gsg-522-P-Version---150 gsg-522-SD-RS---150


They have three different magazines sizes for the 522s. You can buy 110 round drum magazines, 10 round and 22 round magazines.

There are 3 different stocks to choose from. They all have top rails for mounting any kind of optics you could ever want up there.

You can change out the pins, grips and front sights.

checkout all the GSG accessories here


Mossberg 22lr Deal

mossberg 715t flat top camo

With the popularity of the AR15 skyrocketing over the last few years so has the price of the .223 ammo. At $.50-$.75 per shot it makes shooting the rifle for practice and fun pretty expensive. Finally the major gun manufactures have started coming out with some kick ass AR15 and other popular models chambered in the much cheaper to shoot .22LR.

A 22LR shot cost around $.04-$.08 vs  $.50-$.75 of .223. The Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 was on one of the first on the scene in 2011 and all the major gun makers jumped on board. Probably the most popular AR15-22 is the Mossberg 715T Tactical 22LR and it has everything to do with the quality and fun vs the cost.

The Mossberg tactical 22 is around $240 brand new vs about $500 for the M&P or even more for the Colt. Why? Mainly because it’s made out of mostly cheaper plastic and is much lower quality over all. The Mossberg takes 5-10 minutes to take apart to clean while the M&P takes about 15 seconds by simply removing one pin.

But, even though it’s not of the same quality as the M&P, it’s still a ton of fun and just as accurate. Also, it looks good…it looks just like a real AR15 and can take just about all the AR15 accessories making it a superb training weapon. You can see more cool mods here.

mossberg 715t custom paintjob


New Galaxy S4 Rugged

The latest Galaxy phone from the never ending lineup is the Galaxy S4 active. It’s waterpoof and dust-proof which is very practical for just about every person.

It’s pretty much the same phone as the GS4 in every way except it’s a bout 15% thicker, has a lower MP camera and it has a aqua mode for taking underwater photos. I’d still be a little weary of taking my GS4 underwater to take some pictures…you never know if the headphone jack port is 100% secure ;)

galaxy s4 active blue

You can see the best galaxy s4 spare battery here.


School Fundraiser

My son’s school is having a fundraiser and they needed a big poster of a thermometer template for the class. So, I looked around for some free ones and found several great free thermometer templates over at

I was able to follow the directions on the site and print out a huge poster using 10 sheets of 8×11 standard paper. It would print a section of the poster on each individual sheet of standard size paper and then well we had to do was tape them all together. It was easy and free.

free thermometer templates



What is AR15 rifle?

AR-15 Rifle derived its name from the first manufacturer which was ArmaLite Cooperation ,hence the name Armalite Rifle, it is light in weight with a magazine fed of 5.56 mm .It is semi automatic and has a rotating-lock bolt. Most of its parts are made of aluminum and synthetic materials which contribute greatly to its light weight, this is because this two materials that commonly comprise the parts are light in nature.

History of AR15 rifle.
It was built by ArmaLite at first as a selective rifle to be used by United States Army forces .ArmaLite faced financial problems that led to the selling of the design of AR15 to Colt. At first it was introduced to the US army as the M16 rifle.

In 1963 Colt made the marketing of AR15 to civilians as a rifle which is semi automatic and a version of M16.Colt maintained the name ART15 as the registered trade name for the rifle. There are various modifications of the rifle that are sold by different manufacturers worldwide. Learn more at guns hero.

The designers of the rifle were, Robert Fremont, L. James Sullivan and Eugene Stoner .They were all working under Fairchild ArmiLite Corporation during their design work which led to the manufacturing of AR15 Rifle. It was developed as a lighter option of AR10 which was also produced by the ArmaLite Corporation.

Other bolt action rifles in the corporation included AR-1AND AR-5, AR-7 was among the semiautomatic rifles produced. The manufacturer also produced ammunitions such as pistols and shotguns.

1959 was the year when ArmaLite sold the rights of AR-15 and AR-10 to Colt. The sale was made originally to Malaysia which was on 30th September 1959.Colt manufacture about 300AR15 rifles by December the same year. While manufacturing the rifle colt made great achievements in marketing the AR15 where it succeeded in introducing and selling the rifle to the US army departments including US Air force ,Navy, Marine corps and the US army. Colt also marketed the weapon to the civilians as their customers, it also achieved great sales to law enforcers while having variants such as AR15 and AR15A2, originally it was very light but with improvements it increased in weight from original 6 pounds to 8.5lb.
Nowadays AR15 has various variations depending on the various manufacturers all over the world. The gun is popular with users such as law enforcement forces of different countries, shooters and civilians. This is majorly due to the rifle’s high modularity and accuracy while using it.

Another popular gun is the 1911 and today you can get a GSG 1911 .22 for under $350!

As AR15 is a registered trademark by the Colt industries other companies manufacturing clones of AR15 nowadays market the weapon under different names .This is only to avoid the patent law but the clones work more like the AR15 with many similar design capabilities.

The special designs in AR15 include features such as high quality aluminum which is resistant to corrosion. The modular design which include night vision devices, muzzle brakes, vertical forward grips, sound suppressors ,lighting systems and laser targeting devices. All these make the rifle comfortable to use.